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Senior Research Scientist

Analytical Department

Tel.: +421-2-59410278
Fax: +421-2-59410222
Research Interests
Structure elucidation of organic compounds. Mass spectrometry (electron ionization, chemical ionization, fast atom bombardement, matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization, gas chromatography /mass spectrometry) of biomolecules, mainly saccharides, their conjugates and derivatives.
Selected Publications
Ą. ©kultety, R.Toman, V Pätoprsty
Studies on composition on lipopolzsaccharides from Coxiela burnetii strains, associated with acute and chronic Q-fever
Dickettsiae and Rickettsial deseases, Bratislava 1996
©.Karacsonyi, V.Pätoprstý, M.Kubačková
Structural study on arabinogalactan-proteins from Picea abies L.Karst
Carbohydr. Res. 1998,307,271-279
V.Kováčik, V.Pätoprstý, J.Hirsch
Discrimination between pentosa oligosaccharides containing D-xylopyranose or arabinofuranose as non-reducing terminal residue usinf fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry
J Mass. Spectrom. 2001,36,379-383
A.Jussein, V.Pätoprstý, R.Toman
Chlamidia psitacii lipopolysaccharide, a reinvestigation of its chemical composition and structure.
Acta Virologica, 1999,43,381-386
V.Kováčik, V.Pätoprstý, P.Oksman, R.Mistrík, P.Kováč
Electron ionization mass spectrometric study of monomeric models of O-polysaccharides Of Vibrio cholerae O:1 serotypes Oqawa and Inaba.
J. Mass Spectrom. 2003, 38 ,923-930
Institute of Chemistry
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