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Senior Research Scientist

Department of Glycochemistry
Laboratory of Biocatalysis and Organic Synthesis (head)

Tel.: +421-2-59410239
Fax.: +421-2-59410222
Research Interests
Organic and bioorganic chemistry, chemical and chemoenzymatic preparation of substrates for feruloyl and acetylxylan esterases, functionalisation of saccharides and their use for new materials..
Selected Publications (full list available on request)
A common access to 2- and 3-substituted methyl β-D-xylopyranosides.
Mastihubová, M., Biely, P.
Tetrahedron Lett. 42 (51), 9065-9067 (2001).
Chemoenzymatic preparation of novel substrates for feruloyl esterases.
Mastihubová, M., Mastihuba, V., Kremnický, L., Willett, J. L., Côté, G. L.
Synlett (10), 1559-1560 (2001).
A spectrophotometric assay for feruloyl esterases.
Mastihuba, V., Kremnický, L., Mastihubová, M., Willett, J. L., Côté, L.
Anal. Biochem. 309 (1), 96-101 (2002).
Two Efficient Ways to 2-O- and 5-O-Feruloylated 4-Nitrophenyl &-L-Arabinofuranosides as Substrates for Differentiation of Feruloyl Esterases.
Mastihubová, M., Szemesová, J., Biely, P.
Tetrahedron Lett. 44 (8), 1671-1673 (2003).
Differentiation of Feruloyl Esterases on Synthetic Substrates in &-Arabinofuranosidase-Coupled and UV-spectrophotometric Assays.
Biely, P., Mastihubová, M., van Zyl, W. H., Prior, B. A.
Anal. Biochem. 311 (1), 68-75 (2002).
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