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PhD, DSc, Prof.
Senior Research Scientist

Laboratory of Lignin

Tel.: +421-2-59410250
Fax.: +421-2-59410222
Research Interests
  • Structure and binding system of lignin - carbohydrate complex in wood.
  • Development of novel enviromentally acceptable methods of chemical wood treatment.
  • Application of lignin biopolymers in medicine, textile industry, polymer systems, etc.
  • Selected Publications (full list available on request)
    Sulfur-free lignin as reinforcing component of styrene-butadiene rubber.
    Košíková B., Gregorová A.
    In: Journal of Applied Polymer Science 97, 924-929 (2005).
    Reduction of carcinogenesis by bio-based lignin derivatives.
    Košíková B., Slameňová D., Mikulášová M., Horváthová E., Lábaj J.
    Biomass and Bioenergy 23, 153-159 (2002).
    Detection of lignin biopolymer- and vitamin E- stimulated reduction of DNA strand breaks in H2O2 - and MNNG- treated mammalian cells by the comet assay.
    Slameňová D., Horváthová E., Košíková B., Ružeková Ľ., Lábaj J.
    Nutrition and Cancer 33 (1), 88-94 (1999).
    Conversion of lignin biopolymer into surface-active derivatives.
    Košíková B., Ďuriš M., Demianová V.
    European Polymer Journal 36, 1209-1212 (2000).
    Interaction of lignin and polysaccharides in beechwood (Fagus sylvatica) during drying process.
    Košíková B., Hricovíni M., Cosentino C.
    Wood Science and Technology 33, 373-380 (1999).
    13C NMR study of solid-state reaction of cellulose with lignin monomers.
    Košíková B., Hricovíni M., Simmonutti R.
    Holzforschung 50, 336-341 (1996).
    The effect of adding lignin on modification of surface properties of polypropylene.
    Košíková B., Revajová A., Demianová V.
    European Polymer Journal 31, 953-956 (1995).
    Characteristics of free radicals in composite lignin/polypropylene films studied by the EPR method.
    Košíková B., Miklešová K., Demianová V.
    Eur. Polym. J. 29, 1495 (1993).
    Sulfur-free lignins as composites of polypropylene films.
    Košíková B., Demianová V., Kačuráková M.
    J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 47, 1065 (1993).
    Effect of lignin derivatives on the macromolecular properties of lignin in NSSC cooking.
    Košíková B., Mlynár J., and Joniak D.
    Holzforschung 44, 47 (1990).
    On the properties of benzyl ether bonds in the lignin-saccharide complex isolated from spruce.
    Košíková B., Joniak D., Kosáková Ľ.
    Holzforschung 33, 11 (1979).
    Investigation of the lignin-saccharide complex by electron microscopy.
    Košíková B., Zákutná L., Joniak D.
    Holzforschung 32, l6 (1978).
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