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M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, 2001; Faculty of Natural Sciences; Comenius University, Slovakia

Research Scientist

Department of Glycochemistry

Tel.: +421-2-59410272
Fax: +421-2-59410222
Research Interests
Bio-organic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, immunochemistry. Synthesis of glycomimics of Lipid A, based on mimicking its enzymatically hydrolyzable bonds by bonds resistant to enzymatic hydrolysis. Preparation of potential vaccine candidates against the Septic shock.
Research stays
Universita degli study di Milano-Bicocca, Facolta biochemie e biotecnologie (Prof. Nicotra; 2003), Milano - Italy 1 year
Institute of Microbiology AS CR (Prof. Křen; 2004), Prague - Czech Republic 2 weeks
Baráth M., Petrušová M., Bystrický S., Křen V. and Petruš L.;
Synthesis of a precursor of a lipid A mimic;
Chem. Pap. 57(2) 125-130 (2003).
Poláková M., Petrušová M., Baráth M. and Petruš L.;
Denitration of Primary Nitromethyl Groups;
Chem. Pap. 59(4) 289-290 (2005).
Peri F., Marinzi C., Baráth M., Granucci F., Urbano M., and Nicotra F.;
Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel disaccharide-based lipid A antagonists;
Biomedicinal & Organic Chemisty, in press.
Institute of Chemistry
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